Samsung SCX 5530FN Jam 0 Error Message Troubleshooting


Samsung SCX 5530FN Jam 0 Error Message Troubleshooting

Below you will find advice for the Samsung SCX 5530FN Jam 0 Error Message Troubleshooting. Most manufactures are rating these rollers at around 150,000 pages. Personally, I think that is way to high. I think you can expect to start seeing some Samsung SCX 5530FN Jam 0 Error issues starting near 50,000 to 70,000 from your pick up rollers. Below, I will talk a little about this problem. Also, you will find links to order in replacement parts along with a link to the replacement instructions at the bottom of the article.

Samsung SCX 5530FN Jam 0 Error Message Troubleshooting

Samsung SCX 5530FN Jam 0 Error Message Troubleshooting

Note : If the customer is using specialty paper, check the user manual for machine specifications. I tend to say nothing over 24 lbs for everyday printing in the cassette tray. 28lb at the most, which I think is what most manufactures would say.

1. Most times I just get called out to work on machines that intermittently are getting the Jam 0 error. The customer complains that they get the message Open and Close the paper cassette and it works for a little while then the error comes back. Or they say if they keep the tray above half full then they don’t have a problem. Too me, these are all signs of a worn out feed roller or a tray issue.

2. The first step is to remove the cassette tray and make sure the paper stop is in the right spot and that the paper is loaded correctly in the tray. Remove the paper and reinstall.

3. Remove the pick up roller and check the tread. Like a car tire, over time, the tread wears off. Typically you will see the inside of the feed tire gets worn down first and gradually goes to the top. The bottom part is never used so it’s easy to see the difference between the inside / top of the feed tire and the bottom. Now, if the rubber has never been rotated then you can rotate the rubber to the top from the bottom using a small flat blade screw driver to expose fresh rubber or just replace the pick up roller altogether.

4. The service manual says to check the solenoid first then the feed tire. From what I’ve seen, the solenoid rarely cause this type of issue. A worn solenoid pad tends to cause multiple feeding where you might get a Jam 1, several pieces of paper in the machine, and in most cases, a blank piece of paper under the toner cartridge.

5. Remove the feed tire.

Clean with alcohol or a damp cloth.

Rotate the rubber.

Install and try again.

Replace the feed tire.

If I have one and the machine has over 50,000 prints, I’m replacing it.

If the rubber has already been rotated I’m replacing it.

Over time the rubber will crack and start to fall apart. If I see this then I’m replacing it.

If your in doubt of what is causing the issue, then you need to replace it to further troubleshoot.

Click on the link below for the illustrated replacement instructions

Samsung SCX 5530FN Pick Up Roller Replacement

Click on the link below to order in your Samsung SCX 5530FN Pick Up Roller Replacement Parts to help fix or troubleshoot your Samsung SCX 5530FN Jam 0 Error Message

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