Lexmark C540, C543, C544 Fuser Replacement and Reset


Instructions for the  Lexmark C540, C543, C544 Fuser Replacement

I tried to find information about this unit so I could give the life cycle of the fusing assembly but it doesn’t seem to really have one. I know these are on the smaller end of their color line so it might not have a real maintenance cycle and it is not the easiest thing to get out of the machine compared to some other models. Anyway, if you want  the  Lexmark C540, C543, C544 Fuser Replacement and Reset instructions then read on. Placed periodically in this article are links to purchase a new fusing assembly if you decide that is what needs to be done.

40X7562 -N Lexmark Fuser C540 C543 C544 C546 110V (C544DN C544DTN, CV546DTN)

Right Cover Assembly Removal
1. Open the toner supply door.
2. Open the front cover.
3. Release the latches, and lift off the cover.

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 right cover removal

Left Cover Assembly Removal
1. Remove the media tray.
2. Position the printer with the left side hanging over the edge of the table.
3. On the rear, remove the metal screw (A), the short plastic screw (B), and the longer plastic screw (C).
4. Remove the screw (D) on the bottom of the cover.

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 left cover removal

5. Unlatch the front bottom corner tab (E), and lower the front while disengaging from the top cover.
Installation note: When replacing the left cover, flex the cover slightly to engage the tab (E) near the power

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 left cover removal 2

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 Fuser Replacement Procedure
3. Disconnect the two-wire fuser cable (A) from the LVPS.
4. Position the fuser cable so that it can be pulled through from the front of the printer, and guide the cable
through to the front.
Warning: Be careful not to damage the cable by pulling too hard or cutting the cable insulation.
Lexmark C540, C543, C544 Fuser AC disconnect
5. Remove the screw and grounding washer (B) on the right side of the frame.
Note: Be careful not to lose the grounding washer.
6. Disconnect the thermistor cables (C).

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 Fuser DC disconnect

7. Remove the exit deflector and bin full sensor flag.

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 exit bin deflector removal
8. Remove the bin full sensor.

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 paper bin full sensor removal
9. Unhook the springs (D) from both sides of the fuser.

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 fuser spring removal
10. Rotate the top of the fuser toward the front, slide it to the left to align the fuser side frames with the flat
areas of the shaft (E), and lift to remove the fuser.

Lexmark C540, C543, C544 fuser replacement
Warning: Be careful to not interfere with or damage the fuser exit sensor to the left of the fuser when
rotating the fuser

Installation notes:
• Make sure the springs are resting on the frame so they can be located once the new fuser is in place. They can be difficult to reach if they hang down.
• Be careful not to bump into the fuser exit sensor on the left side.
• When reinstalling on the right side, make sure the gears mesh.
• Reroute the cables back through their retainers.

Entering the Diagnostics Menu
1. Turn the printer off.
2. Press and hold Left Arrow Button and  Select Button.
3. Turn the printer on.
4. Release the buttons when the  installed memory and  processor speed displays.

Resetting the Fuser Count
Resets the fuser count value to zero.  This setting appears only if the  Maintenance Warning and Intervention function is enabled in the printer Configuration ID.
To reset the fuser count:
1. Select Printer Setup from Diag Menu, and press Select button.
2. Select Reset Fuser Cnt, and press Select button.
3. Select Reset, and press Select button.
Reset Resetting… appears.
To cancel a reset, press Back button.

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