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Lexmark MX310 41X0917 41X0917 Separation Roller Replacement Directions

Below you will find the Lexmark MX310 41X0917 ADF Separation Roller Replacement Directions. This is a pretty easy job that anybody can handle. The roller just unclips and comes out and the new pops right back in. The roller even comes with instructions on how to replace it in the box.

These rollers are rated at around 200,000 pages but they tend to only last around 150,000 pages and they start to have some feed issues as they become flat spotted and the document feed starts to have misfeeds and other jam issues.

Below you will find the replacement instructions along with links on ordering in the parts needed for the repair. I’ve also included a link for the pick up roller assembly as I like to replace them at the same time as the separation roller.

ADF separator roll removal
1 Open the ADF top cover.
2 Squeeze the latches to release the separator roll.

Lexmark MX310 Doc Feeder (ADF) Separator Roller Removal
3 Pull away the separator roll and remove.

Lexmark MX310 41X0917 ADF Separation Roller Replacement Directions

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Here is a link to the Lexmark 40X8736 ADF Pick Up Roller Replacement Procedure