Oct 142012

Tips and Advice for the 10.00.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP P3015 Printer

The 10.00.00 supply memory error is caused by defective memory  chip  on the toner cartridge. In this article I’d like to give some pointers on the error in regards to troubleshooting and repairing these machines. While usually a pretty simple error it can get complicated when a cartridge doesn’t fix the issue.

HP P3015 10.00.00 supply memory error photo

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First  thing to do is open the front door and remove and reinstall the toner cartridge.  Also turning the machine off and back on might help. I usually recommend in extreme cases to turn the machine off and unplug it for 20 to 30 minutes then plug back  in and try again. Second thing and usually the easy fix is to replace the toner cartridge with an HP OEM toner cartridge. Majority of these errors are related to cheaply made chips that don’t get configured  correctly. I have been called out on several occasions to  troubleshoot these errors and the customer always tells me it can’t be the toner because the just replaced it and 99% of the  time replacing the new toner fixes the problem. Third thing to  look at is the memory tag.  RM1-6284-000CN. Sometimes the tag holder can get knocked out-of-place  so it doesn’t mesh with the contacts on the chip located on the toner. Finally if all else fails check the connector at J1703  on the ECU, RM1-6281-000CN then start replacing parts. Toner, memory tag, then ECU.

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