HP Color M575 50.A fuser Error Related to High Temperature Problems


 HP Color M575 50.A fuser Error Related to High Temperature

This is probably not one of the more common fuser errors you will see on these models. With that being said, it does happen every now and then. Below you will find what the service manual has to say about the HP Color M575 50.A fuser Error along with some tips of my own in regards to this situation.

HP Color M575 50.A fuser Error

HP – Fuser kit ( 110 V ) – for LaserJet Enterprise 500, color flow MFP M575, M551, LaserJet Pro 500

Service Manual Advice for the HP Color M575 50.A fuser Error

Description W = A: High fuser temperature 2
1. Remove and then reseat the fuser.
Make sure there is no residual paper in the fuser.
Make sure the product is not located in front of a vent or window where cool air may interfere with the ability of the fuser to heat up.
2. Check the product power source.
Make sure the power source meets product requirements.
Make sure this is the only device using the circuit.
3. Check the connector (J50) between the fuser and the product. If it is damaged, replace the fuser.
4. If this product was previously serviced, check the connector (J50) on the DC controller PCA.
5. If the error persists, replace the fuser.

My advice for the HP Color M575 50.A fuser Error

Turn the machine off and let it sit 15 to 20 minutes then try again.
Check your environment. I personally don’t recommend running machines where the surrounding temperature is above 85 decrees.
Make sure you are allowing for proper ventilation. I recommend 4 to 6 inches around all sides and nothing stuck on the sides of the machine. They are big square boxes so employees like to stick stuff on the sides of the unit. Try to discourage this course of action.
Verify that the paper settings match the paper being fed through the machine. Running plain paper through the machine when the settings are set to heavy or bond paper might result in overheating.
If this happens when running large print jobs then break the job up into smaller sections and allow time inbetween for cooling.
If all else fails then replacement of the fuser is the next course of action in the troubleshooting process.

Below you will find a link to the replacement instructions along with a link to order in a replacement fuser.

HP Color LaserJet M551, M575 Fuser Removal and Reset

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