Oct 182016

CopyStar CS-2540 Drum Replacement and Reset Procedure

Below you will find the CopyStar CS-2540 drum replacement and reset procedure. If there is one thing I can’t stand about Kyocera machines, it’s the drum units. They are rated extremely high, they are extremely delicate, and in most cases, extremely expensive. Give me a Sharp any day. Very rarely do I see a Kyocera drum last the full duty cycle. I consider it a good day if they last 200,000 prints.

Copystar DK-670 Drum Unit / with Main Charge Assembly (Genuine) – $269.95

from: Precision Roller

Follow the procedure below for the CopyStar CS-2540 Drum Replacement

Avoid direct sunlight or strong light when detaching and refitting the drum unit.
Never touch the drum surface when holding the drum unit.
1. Open the left cover 1.
2. Open the front cover.
3. Remove the toner container.
4. Remove the waste toner box.
5. Remove the claw and remove the toner hopper wire cover.
6. Remove the connector.
7. Remove three screws.
8. Remove the toner hopper assembly.
9. Remove the claw and remove the inner cover lid.
10. Remove three connectors.
11. Pull the developing lever.
12. Remove the screw and remove the drum unit.
13. Replace the drum unit and install the unit.
When the drum unit is replaced, perform maintenance mode U110 to clear the counter value

CopyStar CS-2540 Drum Replacement

CopyStar CS-2540 Drum Reset Instructions

Executing a maintenance item
Press the status key.
Enter “10871087” using the numeric keys.
Maintenance mode is entered.
Enter the maintenance item number using the cursor up/down keys or numeric keys. U110
The maintenance item is selected.
Checking/clearing the drum count
Displays the drum counts for checking, clearing the figure.
To check the drum status. Also used to clear the count after replacing the drum during regular maintenance.
1. Press the start key. The drum counter count is displayed.
2. Select the CLEAR using the up/down cursor keys. If the counter value is 150K or less, CLEAR is not displayed.
3. Press the start key. The count is cleared, and the screen for selecting a maintenance item No. is displayed.
To exit the maintenance mode without changing the count, press the stop/clear key. The screen for selecting a maintenance item No. is displayed.

Copystar DK-670 Drum Unit / with Main Charge Assembly (Genuine) – $269.95

Genuine Copystar DK-670 Drum Unit / with Main Charge Assembly; Drum Unit – Genuine Copystar Brand; Mfr PNs: Copystar 302H093013, 302H093010, 2H093010