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Kyocera KM-2050 Fuser Error Reset Procedure

Below you will find the Kyocera KM-2050 Fuser Error Reset Procedure. Some machines have this feature others don’t. They tend to be more common on these larger models. The purpose is to prevent overheating in the unit that can lead to more serious issues and additional damage to the machine. Most manufactures recommend waiting at least 15 minutes before resetting the fuser error to allow the unit to cool down. I usually spend this time taking the fuser out and inspecting the thermistors, thermostats, lamp contact points, and the overall condition of the unit.

Note: Most Service manuals tell you when the code needs to be reset this way. However, this manual does not say that but they include the reset in the Maintenance Mode. Therefore, I cannot say with 100% accuracy if you will need to perform this procedure to get your machine back up and running.

I tend to treat these errors like the check engine light on your car. If it comes on once or twice a year then it’s probably not that big of a deal, you probably should at least have it looked at. However, if it comes on once or twice every few weeks or months then we probably have a more serious problem.

Now, if you perform the reset and the error comes back then look under that category of the machine for additional information on that particular error or click on the link at the bottom of the article for the fuser removal and replacement instructions.

Kyocera KM-2050 Fuser Error Reset Procedure

Kyocera KM-2050 Fuser Error Codes that Require a Kyocera KM-2050 Fuser Error Reset Procedure

C6000 Fuser heater break
C6020 Abnormally high fuser thermistor temperature
C6050 Abnormally low fuser thermistor temperature
C6400 Zero-cross signal error

Executing a maintenance item
Press the status key.
Enter “10871087” using the numeric keys.
Maintenance mode is entered.
Enter the maintenance item number using the cursor up/down keys or numeric keys. U163
The maintenance item is selected.
1. Press the start key. The screen for executing is displayed.
2. Select the EXECUTE using the up/down cursor keys. The selected item is displayed in reverse.
3. Press the start key. The fixing problem data is initialized.
Press the stop/clear key. The screen for selecting a maintenance item No. is displayed.

Service Manual Information on the Kyocera KM-2050 Fuser Error Reset Procedure

U163 Resetting the fuser problem data
Resets the detection of a service call code indicating a problem in the fuser section.
To prevent accidents due to an abnormally high fuser temperature.
1. Press the start key.
2. Press [EXECUTE] on the touch panel.
3. Press the start key. The fuser problem data is initialized.
4. Turn the main power switch off and on.

Below is the link to the replacement instructions so you can remove the fuser and inspect it or if the error will not go away, replace it.

Kyocera KM-2050 Fuser Replacement Procedure

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