Oct 092016

Ricoh 5510L SC320 Error Code Repair Tips

Majority of the time when you see the Ricoh 5510L SC320 Error Code your polygon motor is either locked up and has to much friction between the motor bushing and polygon mirror post. Below you will see what the manual has to say on the subject and some advice of my own. Also, you will find links to order in a replacement polygon motor and a link to the replacement instructions at the end of the article.

Service Manual Advice for the Ricoh 5510L SC320 Error Code : Polygon motor error

-Definition- [B]
The polygon motor does not reach its operating speed within 10 seconds after
the polygon motor on signal, or the lock signal is not detected for more than 200
ms continuously during operation.
– Possible causes –
• Polygon mirror motor defective
• Poor connection between the polygon mirror motor driver and the BICU board
• BICU board defective

Note : The laser beam bounces off the polygon mirrors therefore they should never be touched unless absolutely necessary. Also, if you do get them dirty or notice they are dirty, they are EXTREMELY sensitive and can scratch with the slightest speck of dirt. Use the softest, cleanest towel you can find to clean them off and don’t apply hardly any pressure.

I personally handle these all pretty much the same way. I first duplicate the problem and listen to see if I can heard the motor turn on. If it’s not locked up, they tend to sound like a really noisy cooling fan. You can describe it how you want, but it’s not usually hard to miss. Second, I take the motor out, remove the polygon mirror from the motor bushing, take a alcohol damp que tip and clean out the inside of the motor bushing, clean off the post on the polygon mirror with alcohol, then lubricate the two parts with a little bit of thin oil. Lately, I’ve been using 3 n 0ne oil. I put it back together and spin it a little to make sure its free then put the machine back together and try again.

  1. Now if it is still locked up before you put it back in the machine, then try the process over.
  2. If you still hear the sound then you can try the process again or order in a replacement motor.
  3. You can always, just order in the replacement motor if you don’t want to try this procedure.
  4. And if I do this operation and I get a call back in a few weeks or months then I just replace the motor.

In the picture below you will see a picture of a similar motor. I’ve circled the piece the holds the polygon mirror down. The black piece will rotate so you can pull the polygon mirror assembly out of the motor bushing. Make sure that you rotate the black piece back into position after you reinstall the polygon mirror assembly, and again, make sure you try not to touch the mirrors. Grab it around the base.

Ricoh 5510L SC320 Error Code

Click on the link below for removal and replacement instructions

Ricoh 5510L Laser Motor Replacement Procedure

There are other factors that can this error, but 99% of the time this will take care of your problem. 

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