Lexmark MX611 40X8736 ADF Pick Up Roller Replacement Procedure


Lexmark MX611 40X8736 ADF Pick Up Roller Replacement Procedure

Below you will find the Lexmark MX611 40X8736 ADF Pick Up Roller Replacement Procedure. This procedure is not as easy as it is on some models. However, I believe with a little patients, this can be a job done by just about anybody.

Cause for Lexmark Lexmark MX611 ADF Pick Up Roller Replacement

These rollers tend to last a long time. I just replaced a set that had fed through 170,000 pages. The service manual doesn’t really have a rating on the pick up roller but does but a 200,000 page count on the separation roller. Just like any other roller, you feed enough paper through and it’s bound to start having feed problems. The tread wears off and the roller no longer grabs the paper. You will start seeing multiple attempts to pick and periodic jam messages.

Note : Just remember to order in the separation roller assembly. These parts really need to be replaced at the same time.

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Lexmark MX611 40X8736 ADF Pick Up Roller Replacement Instructions

OK, the service manual doesn’t really tackle this procedure.
1. There is two clips on either side of the pick up assembly circled in red. Unclip them and pull them down about 90 decrees and the assembly should just pop out.
2. The replacement assembly goes in the same way.

Lexmark MX611 40X8736 ADF Pick Up Roller Replacement

The only thing I’ve had issues with is the paper guides marked in green in the picture. They need to lay flat in the assembly with a little play. The clips that lock in place have inner clips to hold it to the metal shaft. These inner clips cause a little problem with the guides during install. I’ve found it a little easier to get the pick up assembly in and then mess around with the guides to get them in the right position. Again, they should be flat like the picture shows but they also should fit freely on the shaft to allow for movement.

ADF separator roll removal
1 Open the ADF top cover.
2 Squeeze the latches to release the separator roll.

Lexmark MX611 Doc Feeder (ADF) Separator Roller Removal
3 Pull away the separator roll and remove.

There you have it. Not a bad job. The separation roller is easy and even comes with instructions in the box that might be better than mine. The pick up roller assembly is very easy to get out. It just falls out once you get the clips free. The hardest part is getting it clipped back in place with those paper guides. They like to move with the clips and get in the wrong position. I’ve only done a few so it might get easier with time but at the moment I find them annoying.

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