CopyStar CS-2540 C6120 Error Code Service Suggestions


CopyStar CS-2540 C6120 Error Code Service Suggestions

The CopyStar CS-2540 C6120 Error Code The Kyocera KM-2540 C6120 Error Code takes place when the fusing unit files a higher temperature reading. Lots of things may cause this issue. So in this post you will discover some repair ideas for this malfunction coupled with web links to purchase a brand new fuser and at the bottom of the post you will find a hyperlink to the illustrated fuser replacement instructions.

CopyStar CS-2540 C6120 Error Code

Copystar CS2540 Fuser Unit – 120 Volt (Genuine) – $169.95

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Observation : fusing assembly Corresponding Error Codes can result in the piece of equipment be unable to work until the code is reset in Maintenance Mode. Below is a link to the instructions in order to reset the code using the maintenance menu.

CopyStar CS-2540 Fuser Error Reset Procedure – 302K593060

Service Manual Advice for the CopyStar CS-2540 C6120 Error Code 

Abnormally significant fuser thermistor edge temp
Fuser thermistor one is observed 230°C/446°F or more for 40 ms.

1. Fitting defectiveness on fuser thermistor 1.
Check the mounting state of the fuser thermistor 1. If any problem is found, correct it.

2. Defective fuser thermistor 1.
Replace the fuser thermistor 1.

3. Defective engine PWB.
Replace the engine PWB and verify for proper operation.

These particular fusers tend to be reasonably economical. Like many items within the Kyocera devices, on lots of occasions its more economical to just change out the complete component or maintenance kit. Therefore, when you’re having problems using the fuser, I would just propose saving money and order a entire replacement fixing assembly. Below, you will discover a url to the replacement instructions as well as a hyperlink to order in your replacement fuser assembly.

CopyStar CS-2540 Fuser Replacement Procedure

Copystar CS2540 Fuser Unit – 120 Volt (Genuine) – $169.95

Genuine 302K593060 Fuser Unit – 120 Volt for Copystar CS2540; Fuser Assembly / Unit – Genuine Kyocera Fuser Assembly; Copystar 302K593060 / 302H093030 / 2H093030
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