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Kyocera KM-2540 C6000 Error Code Service Strategies

I maintain a number of these in this area and I do not believe I’ve actually noticed the Kyocera KM-2540 C6000 Error code on one of these models. Although, these models are getting outdated and whenever one has had the identical fuser unit inside ever since you have had it, you may very well be seeing one of these errors. Below you will get the service information ideas for this error in combination with a url to obtain a fresh fusing assembly and in addition at the conclusion of this article, a web site link on the fuser replacement guide

Kyocera KM-2540 C6000 Error Code

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Remark : fuser assembly Equivalent Error Codes result in the product to fail to work till the code is reset in Maintenance Mode. Down the page is the steps on how one can reset the code in the maintenance menu.

Kyocera KM-2540 Fuser Error Reset Procedure – 302K593060

Service Handbook Strategies for the Kyocera KM-2540 C6000 Error Code

fuser assembly heater break fusing unit thermistor 1 diagnosed lower than 40°C/104°F for 10 s during warm-up and ready in.

1. Defective fuser heater M or S.
Change the fusing unit heater M or S.

2. Installation defectiveness on fusing assembly thermistor 1.
Verify the mounting state of the fusing unit thermistor 1. If any concern is identified, correct it.

3. Fixing thermostat initialized.
Check continuity. If none, remove and replace the fixing thermostat.

4. Malfunctioning PWB.
Remove and replace the power source PWB or engine PWB and examination for accurate operation.

5. Cracked fixing heater M or S wire.
Look for continuity. If none, remove and replace the heater lamp.

Actually, Acquiring these parts specifically is either difficult to acquire or not worth repairing. If your going through worries because of the fuser and you decide it’s time for you to start exchanging items it’s potentially just the perfect time to replace the whole fusing unit due to the price. Underneath you will find a hyperlink to acquire in a replacement fusing assembly and a hyperlink to the illustrated fusing unit replacement assistance.

Kyocera KM-2540 Fuser Replacement Procedure

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