Lexmark X734de 80 Replace Fuser Message – 40X8110


Lexmark X734de 80 Replace Fuser Message 40X8110, 40X5093

If you get this message and you haven’t gotten your replacement fuser, you might have some unhappy employees. Below you will find advice for the  Lexmark X734de 80 Replace Fuser Message. Also, you will find the replacement instructions, links to the life counter reset,  and links to order in a replacement fuser if you have don’t so, already.

Lexmark X734de 80 Replace Fuser Message

On newer machines, this error tends to mean you need to replace the fuser or I ain’t going to print. Therefore, you probably should pay attention and when the machine tells the life is near the end and get your replacement on order. As you can see below, you get a message telling you your going to get a message, then you get the actual message, before you get the final message. So you should not be stuck in a situation where your running around trying to figure out how to get your machine back up and running.

Fuser Warning Messages
80 Fuser Near Life Warning
80 Fuser Life Warning
80 Replace Fuser
120.00–120.21 Fuser Error

Lexmark X734de – 40X8110, 40X5093 Fuser

Lexmark X734de Fuser assembly removal

1. Turn off the printer.
2. Open the top access door.
3. Open the front access door.
4. Rotate the fuser thumbscrews counterclockwise until loosened.
5. Grasp the handles, slide the fuser out from the printer.

Lexmark X734de Fuser Replacement and Reset

Good Luck with your Lexmark X734de 80 Replace Fuser Message. Below is a link to the reset instructions.

Lexmark X734de Fuser Life Reset Counter Procedure

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