Samsung SCX 5530FN Pick Up Roller Replacement


Samsung SCX 5530FN Pick Up Roller Replacement Procedure JC90-00932A, JC97-03132A, JC97-02441A

In the next paragraphs, you should certainly notice the Samsung SCX 5635FN Pick Up Roller Replacement Function JC90-00932A, JC97-03132A, JC97-02441A. Producers rate a majority of these rollers at around 150,000 which is actually a bunch of B.S. Quite a number of the ones I see, begin to develop difficulties in the region of 50,000. Of course, it’s possible to move the feed rubber along the feed roller plastic and receive some more life out of it, but, in case your going to be out getting additional components, I might just simply change it. Time is potentially one more variable to keep in mind. It seems that after 10 years the rubber starts to crack and disintegrate, if you’ve got an older brand, still it might not exactly hurt to remove and replace it, although it has a low page count.

Jam 0 is the frequent result of a worn-out pick-up roller. Within some instances you can sometimes receive Jam 1’s. For the most part, if you’re customers or fellow employees are complaining about the paper failing to get out from the paper tray, however, if they open and shut the cassette tray, it often picks up, it’s usually your roller.

Samsung SCX 5530FN Pick Up Roller Replacement Procedure

1. Take out the Cassette.
2. To remove the Pick Up Roller Assembly, first lift the notch attached to the
Pick Up Roller Assembly, red circle, from the Shaft, then slide the Pick Up Roller Assembly from left to right and it will be released completely, as shown below.

Note : The picture below might not be an exact match to your machine but the removal procedure should be identical.