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Instructions for the Okidata C5500, C5800, C6100 Replace Fuser Message

Like most these Okidata Color machines thee 43363201 fusing assembly is rated at around 60,000 prints. This can depend slightly on the size of paper used. The machine will come up and give you a warning that the fuser life is about up then eventually, when the life is up the machine will stop working and give you a replace fuser message. The fusing assemblies have a fuse in them that blows the first time you turn on the unit. Therefore it is important to only install a new fuser when you plan on replacing it. If you put in a used fuser to take care of the replace fuser message, it will not go away because the fuse in the used fuser has already been blown.

43363201 C5500, C5800, C6100 OEM Fuser, 60000 Page Yield

Okidata C5500, C5800, C6100 Replace Fuser Procedure

1. Press the cover release  and fully open the printer top  cover. If you do not get the lid fully opened you will have problems removing the fusing assembly as it is in the very back on the print cavity.

2. Pull the two blue fuser lock levers towards the front  of the printer.
Okidata C5500, C5800, C6100 fuser latch release
3. Hold the fuser by its handle. Lift the fuser out of the  printer. If the fuser is still warm, place it on a flat surface  which will not be damaged by heat. After letting the fuser  cool down, discard it.

4. Remove the new fuser from its packaging. Remove any  packing tape.

5. Push the orange transport lock to the left to release it.  You’ll hear it snap. Remove it.

Okidata C5500, C5800, C6100 fuser transport latch release

6. Hold the new fuser by the handle. The fuser pressure  release lever should be on the right. Lower the fuser  into the printer.

Okidata C5500, C5800, C6100 fuser installation

7. Push the two blue retaining levers (1) toward the rear of the printer to lock the fuser in place

Okidata C5500, C5800, C6100 replace fuser

8. Close and latch the top cover.

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OKI43363201 43363201 Features: -Fuser. -Yield: 60,000. -OEM product. Page-Yield: -45000/60000. Global Product Type: -Fusers. Oem/Compatible: -Oem. Supply Type: -Fuser. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -10″. Overall Width – Side to Side: -7″. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -15″. Overall Product Weight: -4.71 lbs.
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$139.91 USD
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