Xerox Phaser 6180 and 6180 MFP Jam at Tray 2 (IOT Feeder Jam)


Troubleshooting Tips for the Xerox Phaser 6180 Jam at Tray 2 (IOT Feeder Jam)

The Phaser 6180 Series machines are pretty decent reliable machines. One of the few calls I get on them is paper jam issues. Usually, either the feed tires are worn and need replaced or paper gets jammed in the registration assembly, which can be a challenge to get the paper out. In this article, I’d like to give a few tips on solving the IOT Feeder Jam in tray 2. Also, you will find a few links to purchase a set of new feed tires for the pick up assembly and tray if needed. Rated at 100,000 pages the feed tires shouldn’t need replaced too often but over time they eventually will wear out.

Phaser 6180 Jam at tray 2 (IOT Feeder Jam)


Troubleshooting Tips for the  Jam at Tray 2 (IOT Feeder Jam) Error Message

1. Check the tray paper guides and stops. Remove the paper, check for damage, reload paper or try a different paper.

2. Check the paper path for debris.

3. Try a different tray. Tray 3 or MP tray.

4. On several occasions I’ve seen paper get stuck around the registration sensor. Sometimes it stays on the sensor causing a constant jam message, other times it gets stuck in the general area but causing the sensor flag not to move. So if you turn the machine off then back on it won’t report a jam but if you go to print, the paper never makes it past the registration assembly.

5. Replace Feed Tire KitClick on Link Below

675K47673 Feed Roller Kit (3 Rollers)

Phaser 6180 Feed Rollers

6. Replace Feeder Assembly

Alright, I know not ever situation is the same and this might not lead to solving your problem. If you need additional assistance leave a comment and I will try and help or it’s always nice to hear from people where it did fix their problem. Again, check the link below if you need to order a feed tire kit for your paper tray.

Feed Roller 675K47673 Assembly

Price: $66.05

1.0 out of 5 stars (1 customer reviews)

9 used & new available from $66.05


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