Nov 102013

Repair Advice for the Print Unable 6A Message for the Brother MFC / DCP 9440, 9040, 9045, 9840

The Print Unable 6A Message is a little more specific error than some of the others. This error means that the thermistors in the fusing assembly didn’t reach the 140 decrees in the amount of seconds it was supposed to. Typically, this is a warm up error happening when the machine is first turned on or coming out of sleep mode. Sometimes, this can be a result of an error code that shut off power to the fusing assembly then when you turn the machine off and back on there is no power to the assembly resulting in this error after a few seconds. Most times, a manual reset of the machine can fix the problem and other times the fuser unit might need replaced. Follow the instructions below for tips on resolving the error code and if needed click on the reset instructions link or the fusing assembly replace link for details on removing the fusing assembly.

OEM Brother Fuser Assembly Color Laser All-in-one 9040CN, 9045CDN, 9440CN, 9450CDN, 9840CDW

Brother 9440, 9040, 9045, 9840 print unable 6A message

Troubleshooting Tips for the Print Unable 6A Message

1. Turn the machine off then back on. You might want to turn the machine off, unplug the machine from the wall outlet, let it sit 15 to 30 minutes.

2. Check the power source. Manufactures advice plugging these machines into a wall outlet. Avoid power strips, battery backups, and plugging them into a same circuit as other heating devices like coffee makers, space heaters, and other laser printers or copiers.

3. Check the environment. If it was sitting in a car, warehouse, or in a closet, in extremely cold temperatures let it sit several hours before plugging in and attempting to use.

4. Perform manual reset in Maintenance Mode.
Fuser Error Message Manual Reset – Brother 9440, 9450, 9840, 9040, 9045

5. Check the thermistors for dirt build up.  Check connectors and replace the fusing assembly if needed.

6. Replace the Power Supply Board.

6. Replace the Engine Control Board.

Click on the link below for Fuser Removal instructions.
Brother 9440, 9450, 9840, 9040, 9045 Fuser Removal Instructions

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