50.1 Fuser Error in the HP Laserjet P3015 Printer plus Fuser Replacement


50.1 Fuser Error in the HP Laserjet P3015

The HP Laserjet  P3015 printers are still pretty new in the market place so not a lot is known about how they will handle the test of time. I’ve written articles about problems I’ve seen  like the bypass tray and laser scanner problems. Unfortunately they have had a lot of activity. So I thought I’d write about the 50.1 fuser error and see what kind of response I get from this.

Troubleshooting the 50.1 Fuser  Error  

The 50.1 fuser error in the HP laserjet  P3015  is a low temperature reading from the TH1  thermistor. Several things can cause this error and the service manual doesn’t do a good job of explaining it. First thing to do is to just turn the machine off and on. Sometimes if the machine gets a sudden power outage it can cause this error. Second is to make sure it’s plugged straight into a wall outlet and not a power strip or battery back up. Other devices drawing power away from the printer on the same circuit can result in low temperature errors like the 50.1 fuser error. If all else fails then unplug and reseat  all the connectors and let it sit 20 to 30 minutes. This allows the machine to cool down, discharge the capacitors, and lets the machine boot up from a cold state. Sometimes this helps clear any errors stuck in the memory.
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Here is what the HP P3015  Service Manual Has to say in regards to the HP Laserjet 50.1 Fuser Error
1. Power cycle the product to determine if the error is persistent.
2. Verify that the correct fuser model is installed in the product.
3. Verify that the correct voltage fuser is installed in the product.
4. 50.2 errors: Make sure that the connectors J8002  and J1505  are fully seated on the ECU, and connector J18
is fully seated on the fuser.
5. 50.1, 50.3, 50.8, and 50.9 errors: Make sure that the connectors J18  and J1608 are fully seated on the ECU.
6. 50.8 errors: Remove the fuser  and make sure that there is no residual media or toner has built up on the fuser.
7. 50.4 errors: Make sure that the power to the product meets the specifications for the product.
NOTE: If the power supplied to the product is outside the specifications, the fuser  temperature control circuit will not properly work, causing a fuser  malfunction. Make sure that the connector J1002  and J1505 are fully seated on the ECU. If the error persists, replace the ECU.
8. If the error persists, replace the fuser.

HP P3015 NEW OEM Fuser, RM1-6274 Replacement Procedure
Rear-door assembly
Unplug Machine and let sit for 10 minutes to cool.
1. Open the rear door.
2. Gently pull down on the door and lower the door until it is fully open.
3. Push up on the link arm to release it.
CAUTION: The link arm is under spring tension. Do not let the link arm snap back toward the
product when you release it.
4. Remove two screws.
5. Open the lower-rear door, and then release one tab.
6. Release one tab.
7. Rotate the bottom of the rear-door assembly away from the product.
8. Pull down on the rear-door assembly to remove it.
Right-rear cover
1. Slide the right-rear cover toward the inside of the product to release it.
2. Rotate the bottom of the cover away from the product, and then pull down on the cover to remove it.
1. Duplex models only: Release two tabs on the duplex media-feed guide, and then slide the guide toward the back of the product to remove it.
Reinstallation tip Make sure that both tabs snap back into place when reinstalling the duplex media-feed guide.
2. Disconnect three connectors, and release one wire harness from the retainer.
3. Remove four screws.
4. Pull the fuser out of the back of the product.
CAUTION: To avoid damaging the fuser, the cartridge-door assembly must be closed before you
remove the fuser.

Conclusion about the 50.1 Fuser Error in the HP Laserjet  P3015 Printer

Just like any other fuser  error, unless your lucky you probably will end up replacing the fusing unit if you get the 50.1 fuser error. I’ve only ran into a few of these machines so far. Two of them were under heavy usage and had over 150,000 prints on them already and the fusing assemblies looked great. On the P3005  they would already be on their second fuser  already. So HP obviously have made the fusers  in these more durable than earlier models but I know fuser  errors are bound to happen. Hopefully, this article has helped you walk through your P3015  HP Laserjet printer 50.1 fuser error.
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