Nov 202011

50.3 Fuser Error – HP LaserJet 5200 – Laser Printer Repair

On newer model HP laserjet 5200 machines the HP fuser errors like the 50.3 fuser error are getting more specific. While it is nice to truely know what’s going on in the machine, not very many parts in the fusing units can be ordered. At the low-cost of the fusers it doesn’t make too much sense ordering parts when refurbished fusers can be bought so cheap. Plus, with the quality of most rebuilt fusers being better than what it has ever been it’s not really a hard decision to buy one. With all that being said, the 50.3 fuser error message on the HP laserjet 5200 is a fuser high temperature error.
HP 5200/5025/5035 Fuser Assembly

Troubleshooting The HP 5200 LaserJet 50.3 Fuser Error

First thing to try in troubleshooting the HP laserjet 5200 50.3 fuser error message is just turning off and on the machine. I replaced one last week that was giving this error every few weeks for a few months before they finally got sick of it and called me out to replace it. Second, check and make sure the power cable is directly plugged into a wall socket. These machines draw a lot of power so they should never be plugged into a power strip with other devices, battery back up, and make sure there are no other large equipment or heater type products on the same circuit. Heater devices include: coffe makers, copiers, laser or solid ink printers, and space heaters. Another thing to check if you just replaced it is if you were shipped the right fuser for the machine and voltage type.   The 220v fuser fits in the machine but will not heat up properly giving poor print quality or possible errors   like the 50.3 fuser error. Last thing to try is leaving the machine unplugged for 10 to 20 minutes and then plug back in and try again. If that fails then its time to replace the fuser.

Conclusion About the HP LaserJet 5200 50.3 Fuser Error50.3 fuser error

Yeah, there are ways to check the OHM readings on the fuser thermistors but replacing the heating element will only save you a few bucks than replacing the whole fuser so I’m not going to go into detail. Also, the DC controller or power supply are other options but after working on several hundred of these machines and never replacing one I’ll say that very rarely happens. Best thing to do is just replace the fuser. Under the instructions to replace the fuser is a link to purchase a fuser. The fuser is very easy to replace and no tools are necessary.

HP 5200/5025/5035 Fuser Assembly Removal Procedure

Slide the right cover toward the back of the printer and remove it.

At the back of the printer, insert your finger into the hole and pull your finger toward you to remove the lower back cover.

2. Open the face-up bin.

3. Release the fuser nip by pulling up on the black plastic section of the tray and pulling it toward the inside of the printer to release it.

4. Remove two screws and hold the middle of the fuser and pull it out of the printer to remove it .

Hopefully, this article has helped you troubleshoot the 50.3 fuser error on your HP laserjet 5200.
HP 5200/5025/5035 Fuser Assembly

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