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Feb 082017

Savin C2020 Black Drum Replacement B2232042, B2242042, B2232244

Savin C2020 Black Drum Replacement – Further down are the information for the drum and developer replacement. Normally when you begin encountering color streaks or color back grounding it is a warning sign that the charge grid and cleaning blade are beginning to go bad. A couple of companies offer you PM solutions to repair the drum units but with the expense of these being relatively low priced, I would personally incline towards simply exchanging the complete unit considering that it normally requires low technical skill set contrary to repairing it which can sometimes get challenging and dirty.

Ricoh B2232042 Black Drum Unit (Genuine) – $143.95

B2232042, B224-2042, B223-2042, B223-2244, B2242042, B2232244

Savin C2020 Black Drum Replacement and Developer Unit

The new drum unit has a front cover and a front joint. When you attach the new drum unit to the development unit, remove a front cover and a front joint at first.
And use them for reassembling the new drum unit and development unit.
If you install a new drum unit, set SP 3902-xxx to “1”.
Black: 3902-009
Yellow: 3902-010
Cyan: 3902-011
Magenta: 3902-012
If you do this, then the machine will reset the PM counter for the drum unit automatically, after you turn the power on again.
Turn the machine power off.
1-2. PCU ( “PCU”)
3. Front cover [A] ( x 2)
4. Do not touch the bearing [B] after removing the front cover. The bearing is properly applied with lubricant.
Note: Remove the toner duct [G] first to avoid breaking it during this procedure.
5. Remove the bushing [C] of the development roller at the rear of the PCU ( x 1).
6. Remove the front joint [D] ( x 1, x 1).
The front joint [D] is firmly set. Remove it with a watchmaker’s or jeweller’s screwdriver.
Drum unit [E] and Development Unit [F] [G]
Savin C2020 Black Drum Replacement
When the development unit is removed from the drum unit, clean the entrance mylar [G] with a vacuum.
If you change the development unit, do the ACC procedure.
A. Turn the machine power off.
B. Development unit ( “Drum Unit and Development Unit”)
7. Hopper cover [A] (hook x 3)
8. Shake a bag of developer and pour it into the development hopper [B].
9. Reattach the hopper cover (hook x 3)
10. Turn the machine power on. The machine initializes the developer and resets the PM counter for the developer. (For details of the developer initialization result, see “Developer Initialization Result” in the “Troubleshooting” chapter.
8. Do the ACC procedure.

Ricoh B2232042 Black Drum Unit (Genuine) – $143.95

Retail Price: $277.95
You Save: $134.00

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