Oct 262016

Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 Drum Maintenance Kit Replacement PMB20560K and Rebuild Instuctions

Below you will find the Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 Drum Maintenance Kit  Replacement Instructions. I don’t maintain a lot of Ricoh / Lanier / Gestetner / Savin machines as we tend to lean more towards Sharp machines. One thing I always get asked when I say these machines need a new PCU is, “How much is that?”. Well some PCU’s cost a lot and others are relatively cheap. This is one of those PCUs that cost a lot so it’s more economical to rebuild the unit than replace it.

Genuine Ricoh Kit PMB20560K
Kit Includes:
(1) Charge Roller [AD02-7018]
(1) Cleaning Blade [AD04-1114]
(1) Charge Cleaner Brush Roller [AD04-2058]
(2) Picker Finger [B039-2335]
Plus, you will want to order in a drum and new developer

Before you get stressed out by looking at the long list of directions below, look at the illustration in the middle of the page. Now it looks a lot easier, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, you can get through this job. I will warn you that it will most likely get messy. Therefore, I would recommend cleaning off a desk or work area ahead of time, organize your parts, then remove the PCU unit and take it over to the area where you will be working.

Note : The drum unit is photo conductive. If left in the light for a long period of time it will get damaged. Therefore, I recommend installing the new drum unit in the machine right before you put the two halves back together. Replace the charge / cleaning rollers and cleaning blade, then sit it aside while you perform the developer replacement.

Warnings about the PCU (Photoconductor Unit)
The PCU consists of the OPC drum, development unit, charge roller, and cleaning unit. Follow the cautions below when handling a PCU.
• Never touch the drum surface with bare hands. When the drum surface is touched or becomes dirty, wipe it with a dry cloth or clean it with wet cotton. Wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning with the cotton.
• Never use alcohol to clean the drum; alcohol dissolves the drum surface.
• Store the PCU in a cool, dry place away from heat.
• Never expose the drum to corrosive gases such as ammonia gas.
• Never shake the used PCU. Doing so may cause toner and/or developer to spill out.
• Dispose of used PCUs in accordance with local regulations.

Replacement and Rebuild Procedure

Photoconductor Unit (PCU)
• Turn off the main power switch and disconnect the power cord before you start any of the procedures in this section. To prevent toner leakage, never loosen or remove the screws shown in the illustration below.

Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 PCU Removal
1. Open the right cover [A] and front cover [B].
2. Push the latch [C] and replace the PCU [D] ( x 1).
• Do not touch the drum surface with bare hands.

Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 Pick-off Pawls Replacement
1. Remove the PCU.
2. Hold the pawl [A] by its sides, pull it down and slowly twist it away from the PCU.

Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 OPC Drum Replacement
1. Remove the PCU.
2. Remove the front cover [A] ( x2).
3. Remove the rear cover [B] ( x3, Coupling x1).
4. Remove the top part [C] ( x1).
5. Remove the bottom part [D].
See Note in Bold Green above. 6. Replace the drum [E] (White clip x1 [F]).

Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 Charge Roller, Cleaning Roller Replacement
1. Remove:
• PCU 
• OPC drum
2. Remove the front stud [A].
3. Remove the rear shoulder screw [B] ( x1).
4. Release the front and rear springs [C].
5. Remove the roller assembly [D] (Springs x2, Arms x2, Rollers x2)
6. Replace the charge roller [E].
7. Replace the cleaning roller [F].
Re-installation: Charge Roller
• Put the end of the charge roller with the wide bevel [G] at the front of the PCU.
• The ends of the cleaning roller [F] are the same (put either end at the front).
• Make sure that the front stud of the roller assembly is put in the correct position.
• Install the front stud before you tighten the rear shoulder screw. Make sure that the head of the stud
is put in the correct position.

Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 Cleaning Blade Replacement
1. Remove:
• PCU 
• OPC drum
• Charge roller and cleaning roller 
2. Replace the cleaning blade [A] ( x2)
Reinstallation: Cleaning Blade
• To prevent damage to the new cleaning blade and OPC drum, apply some toner to the edge of the new blade [B].
• Install the new blade. Remove some toner from the edge of the old blade with your finger, and apply it evenly along the full length of the new blade.

Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 Drum Maintenance Kit Replacement

Ricoh Aficio 3030, 3025 Developer Replacement
1. Spread the vinyl sheet provided with the developer kit on a flat surface.
2. Separate the top and bottom parts of the PCU.
3. Set the bottom on the vinyl sheet.
4. Remove the front screw [A] ( x1)
5. Remove the rear screws [B] ( x2).
6. Release the front tab [C].
7. Release the rear tab [D].
8. Separate the top [E] and bottom [F] of the development unit.
9. Turn the gears [G] to remove the developer from the bottom half.
10. Remove the development roller [H] from the development unit.
• At reinstallation, make sure that the mylar is positioned as shown.
11. Turn the development roller gear [I] to remove toner from around the development roller.
12. Assemble the development unit.
• Dispose of the used developer according to the local laws and regulations regarding the disposal of such items.
13. Open the developer pack [J]
14. While turning the black gear [K], slowly move the pack left and right and pour half of the developer over the auger [L].
15. Continue to rotate the black gear until the developer is level.
While continuing to turn the black gear, slowly move the pack left and right and pour the remaining half of the developer over the augur until the developer is level.
• Be careful. Do not spill developer on the gears or sponges.
• If you accidentally spill developer on the gears or sponges, remove it with a magnet or the tip of a magnetized screwdriver.

PCU Reassembly
Reassemble the PCU in this order:

Photoconductor Unit (PCU)
1. Attach the front frame pawls and front and rear [A].
2. Set the rear cover and front cover [B].
• Never touch the lever [C] until after the top screw has been fastened.
3. Tighten the three screws and coupling [D].
• Never press down on the top of the PCU when you reattach the rear or front cover.
4. Tighten the lower screw [E].
• Always install the lower screw first to maintain the correct gap between the rollers.
5. Tighten the top screw [F].
• Lift and lower the lever [C] to make sure that the shutter opens fully and operates smoothly.
6. Attach the side screw [G].
7. Make sure that all of the holes and tabs on are engaged at [A], [B], and [C]. Then push down to
lock the tabs on the front and rear end of the PCU.
8. Make sure that the holes for the screws on the front and rear end of the PCU are aligned correctly.
If the holes are not aligned correctly, make sure that the tabs at the front, rear, and left side of the
PCU are engaged correctly.

After Replacement of PCU Components
Do this procedure after you replace the PCU components and developer.
1. Assemble the PCU and install it in the machine.
2. Turn on the main power switch.
3. If you replaced developer, go into the SP mode and do SP2-801 (Developer Initialization).
4. Make 5 sample copies.
5. Check the copies.
• If the copies are clean (no black dots), the replacement is completed.
• If you see black dots of toner that fell on the copies, go to the next step.
6. Remove the PCU from the machine.
7. Lightly tap the top of the PCU [A] with a screwdriver at 8 locations. These locations must be at
equal intervals. Tap 2 or 3 times at each location, to make the toner fall into the development section.
8. Install the PCU in the machine.
9. Turn on the main power switch, and close the front door. After the machine turns the development roller for 10 seconds, go to the next step.
10. Open and close the door two more times. The total rotation time is 30 seconds.
11. If you replaced PCU components:
• If A4/81/2″ x11″ paper is installed, make 4 copies or prints.
• If A3/11″ x 17″ paper is installed, make 2 copies or prints.
• To make solid black prints, use SP2-109 No.8.
• This step is not necessary if only the developer was replaced.

How to Enter SP Mode

To enter SP Mode on a Ricoh Some Models you must use this key sequence:

1. Press the home button 
2. Press the Reset (Yellow) key
3. On the number pad enter 8 0 6 1 8 2 
4. Press and Hold the C key

To enter SP Mode on a Ricoh Other Models

1. Press the home button 
2. Press the Reset (Yellow) key
3. On the number pad enter 1 0 7
4. Press and Hold the C key