Oct 232016

Savin SF3750NF, SF3750 PCU Drum Replacement Solution

On the next paragraphs are the detailed Savin SF3750NF, SF3750 PCU Drum Replacement Directions. The good news is that this particular PCU is reasonably reasonable. Furthermore, it consist of nearly all image formation components. Due to this fact, your not caught purchasing a wide range of parts. Consequently, if you have an image worry, you do not throw away a considerable amount of time speculating which part is making the malfunction if you don’t have a good amount of understanding trouble shooting equipment.

These Drums are detailed at roughly around 45,000 pages. Generally you will receive a Replace PCU message when it is time to replace the unit.

Savin SF3750 Black Drum Unit (Genuine) – $139.95

Retail Price: $221.95
You Save: $82.00

The PCU consists of the OPC drum, charge roller, development unit, and cleaning components. Observe the following precautions when handling the PCU.

1. Never touch the drum surface with bare hands. If the drum surface is dirty or if you have accidentally touched it, wipe it with a dry cloth, or clean it with wet cotton and then wipe it dry with a cloth.

2. Never use alcohol to clean the drum. Alcohol will dissolve the drum surface.

3. Store the PCU in a cool dry place.

4. Do not expose the drum to corrosive gases (ammonia, etc.).

5. Do not shake a used PCU, as this may cause toner and developer to spill out.

Savin SF3750NF, SF3750 PCU Drum Removal Routine

1. Open the right door.

Mention: Do not forget to open the right door. The PCU may become stuck if you try to remove it while the front door is closed.

2. Open the front door.

3. Remove the toner bottle holder or THM.

;”>Important: If working on a toner-bottle model, clean away all spilled toner from the toner bottle area and from the inside of the front door.

4. Detach the connector [A] and pull out the PCU [B].

;”>Please note: 1) After putting in the different PCU, be sure to dispose of the Styrofoam component and to pull off the two tags.

3) Get rid of the foam cushion [A] and pull the tabbed strips [B] all the way out of the PCU. Then close the front door.

2) The machine will actually detect the newer PCU and initialize toner initialization.

Savin SF3750NF, SF3750 PCU Drum Replacement

You might not have to turn off the PM Alert Message. The PM level can be set to 45,000. Then again, a lot of people have switched them off these days or don’t have them specified this low.

After completing PM, clear the PM counter as follows.

1. Enter SP mode 7-804.

2. Hold down the Original Type key and simply click the OK key (or ! key) to totally reset the counter. If the reset is productive, the control panel details “Action completed.” If the adjustment falters, the display screen illustrates “Error!!!”

Savin SF3750 Black Drum Unit (Genuine) – $139.95

Retail Price: $221.95
You Save: $82.00