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Oct 192016

CopyStar CS-3040 C0120 Error Code Related to a Drum EEPROM Error

Below you will find information related to the CopyStar CS-3040 C0120 Error Code. This error happens when the machine has a problem communicating with drum unit. Also, below you will find links to order in a replacement drum unit and at the bottom of the article you will find a link to the replacement instructions that will help with some of the troubleshooting tips listed below.

Copystar DK-670 Drum Unit / with Main Charge Assembly (Genuine) – $269.95

from: Precision Roller

CopyStar CS-3040 C0120 Error Code

Service Manual Advice for the CopyStar CS-3040 C0120 Error Code

CopyStar CS-3040 C0120 Drum EEPROM error

Description : Reading from or writing to EEPROM cannot be performed.
1. Poor contact in the connector terminals.
Check the connection of connector on the engine PWB and the continuity across the connector terminals.
Repair or replace if necessary.
2. Defective drum unit.
Replace the drum unit.

Click on the link below to find the Drum unit replacement instructions.

CopyStar CS-3040 Drum Replacement and Reset Procedure DK-670

Copystar DK-670 Drum Unit / with Main Charge Assembly (Genuine) – $269.95

Genuine Copystar DK-670 Drum Unit / with Main Charge Assembly; Drum Unit – Genuine Copystar Brand; Mfr PNs: Copystar 302H093013, 302H093010, 2H093010

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