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Kyocera KM-1650 C6000 Error Code Service Ideas

I maintain a variety of these out in the area and I don’t think I’ve actually ever personally seen the Kyocera KM-1650 C6000 Error code on one of these types of products. But the truth is, these models are getting more aged and when one has had the identical fuser within ever since you’ve had it, you may possibly be seeing one of these errors. Below you will find the service handbook recommendations for this particular error in addition to a url to order a new fusing assembly as well as at the conclusion of the article content, a link to the fuser unit replacement advice

Kyocera KM-1650 C6000 Error Code

Last updated on May 23, 2018 1:23 am

Service Manual Advice for the Kyocera KM-1650 C6000 Error Code 

C6000 Broken fixing heater wire In fixing warm-up, the time to reach 50°C/122°F exceeds 13.5 s, the time to reach 100°C/212°F exceeds 10 s, the time to reach the primary stabilization exceeds 10 s or the time to reach the secondary stabilization exceeds 24 s.

1. Poor contact in the thermistor connector terminals.
Reinsert the connector. Also check for continuity within the connector cable. If none, remedy or replace the cable.

2. Fixing thermistor installed incorrectly.
Check and reinstall if necessary.

3. Fixing thermostat triggered.
Check for continuity. If none, replace the fixing thermostat.

4. Fixing heater M or S installed incorrectly.
Check and reinstall if necessary.

5. Broken fixing heater M or S wire.
Check for continuity. If none, replace the heater lamp.

Truthfully, Obtaining these parts on their own is often difficult to get or not worth replacing. If your going through problems because of the fusing assembly and you decide it’s time for you to start repairing components then it’s possibly just time for you to change out the full fusing unit because of the cost. Following you will notice a url to get in a replacement fuser and a website link to the illustrated fuser unit replacement guidance.

Kyocera KM-1650 Fuser Replacement Procedure – – FK-410, 302C993059

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