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Oct 112016

Kyocera KM-1620 Fuser Replacement Instructions – FK-410, 302C993059

Below you will find the Kyocera KM-1620 Fuser Replacement instructions. Also, you will find links to order in your replacement fuser and few other tips about this unit.

These fusers are rated at around 300,000 prints. Yeah, they can do that. However, that is a lot of prints and so many things can happen along the way. The most common issue I see are a warped pressure roller or a scratch on the upper hot roller. More often than not I end up replacing them with the PM kit because of the cost of what you get. Although there will be times when you just need to replace the fuser. Below I have listed the errors related to the fuser and the illustrated Kyocera KM-1620 fuser replacement procedure.

Copystar CS1620 Fuser Unit – 110 / 120 Volt (Genuine) – $139.95

from: Precision Roller

Errors related to the Kyocera KM-1620 fuser
C6000 Broken fixing heater wire
C6020 Abnormally high fixing unit thermistor temperature
C6050 Abnormally low fixing unit thermistor temperature

Kyocera KM-1620 Fuser Removal Instructions

Follow the procedure below to replace the fixing unit.
1. Open the front cover and left cover and then remove the inner cover.
2. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver or the like through the groove at the left side of the machine and unlock the engaged portion of front left cover 1 to remove it.
3. Remove the screw and then remove the front left cover 2.
4. Remove the screw and then remove the stopper and spacer.
When attaching the spacer, place the fixing unit on the original step.
5. Remove the screw and detach the two connectors and then remove the fixing unit from MFP.
6. Replace the fixing unit and refit all the removed parts.

Kyocera KM-1620 Fuser Replacement

Copystar CS1620 Fuser Unit – 110 / 120 Volt (Genuine) – $139.95

Genuine 302C993059 Fuser Unit – 110 / 120 Volt for Copystar CS1620; Fuser Assembly / Unit – Genuine Kyocera Mita Fuser Assembly – Estimated Yield 300,000 pages; Copystar 302C993059 / 302C993058 / 302C993057 / 302C993056 / 2C993055 / 2C993053 / 2C993052 / 2C993051 / 2C993050

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