Mar 042015

Diagnostic Info on the  Kyocera FS3900DN – FS4000DN Error Code C6030 Thermistor M fault

You read the description of the  Kyocera FS3900DN – FS4000DN Error Code C6030 and it seems pretty straight forward. However, once you read the troubleshooting tips you start to wonder if there might be something more to this error than just a faulty thermistor. I’ll let you decide. To me this error sounds more like a low heat error as they are asking you to check other possible causes like a faulty fuser lamp or an open thermal fuse. Anyway, below you will find a link to order a replacement fuser along with the service manual instructions, my tips, a diagram of the fuser layout, and a link to the fuser removal and replacement instructions if you decide you want to take the fuser out and look at it or replace it.

Kyocera FS3900DN – FS4000DN Error Code C6030 Description
Broken fuser thermistor M wire
35/37 and 45/47 ppm printers (EUR/USA model):
Input from fuser thermistor M is less than 1 (A/D value) for more than 3 s.

Kyocera FS3900DN - FS4000DN Error Code C6030 Message

Service Manual Diagnostic Info on the Error Code C6030
1. Poor contact in the fuser thermistor M connector terminals.
Reinsert the connector.
2. Broken fuser thermistor M wire.
Measure the resistance. If it is ∞ Ω, replace the fuser thermistor M.
3. Fuser thermistor M installed incorrectly.
Check and reinstall if necessary
4. Thermal cutout triggered.
Check for continuity. If none, replace the thermal cutout.
5. Fuser heater lamp installed incorrectly.
Check and reinstall if necessary.
6. Broken fuser heater lamp wire.
Check for continuity. If none, replace the fuser heater lamp.

Additional Diagnostic Information

1. First thing I always recommend with any fuser error is to just turn the machine off then back on. Why not. If life was always that easy. Have an accident, just press the reset button and it all goes away. Unfortunately, life isn’t always that easy but some fuser error codes can be.

2. Remove the fuser, check and clean the surface of the thermistor and try again. Debris on the thermistor can result in false readings and inaccurate fuser temperatures.

3. Turn the machine on and look for the lamp to turn on as it warms up. On some machines the lamp turns on when the machine turns on. Other models the lamp only turns on once a print command is sent to it. So if you turn the machine on and it goes to a ready state without a lamp turning on then tell it to print a print job.

4. If the lamp doesn’t turn on perform you continuity checks on the thermal fuse, lamp, and wiring. If the lamp turns on, then once again we are back to the thermistor.

5. Replace the fusing assembly.

Note : Below I have provided a breakdown of the fusing assembly so you can see where the thermistors, thermal fuse, lamp, and other parts of the fuser are. If you remove the fusing assembly, make sure the machine is unplugged.

Kyocera FS3900DN - FS4000DN fuser diagram

Click on the link below for the illustrated instructions for the fuser removal and replacement

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