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Troubleshooting Tips for the  Kyocera FS3900DN – FS4000DN Error Code C6020 Overheat Issue

The  Kyocera FS3900DN – FS4000DN Error Code C6020 is an overheat issue. Now the service manuals tackle this problem by just taking a look at the electrics. While that can be the case, overheat errors can also be related to how your printing and many other factors. In this article I’d like to give you the service manual repair advice along with a few tips of my own that might help you keep your machine cooled down and avoid having to replace the fusing assembly. Below you will find the repair advice along with links to order in a replacement fuser. Finally, at the bottom of the article you will find a link to the illustrated replacement instructions so you can replace the fuser on your own once you get it on order.

Kyocera FS3900DN – FS4000DN Error Code C6020 Description
Abnormally high fuser thermistor M  temperature
35/37 and 45/47 ppm printers (EUR/USA model):
The temperature of the fuser thermistor M detects 240 °C/464 °F or more continuously for 3 s.

Kyocera FS3900DN - FS4000DN Error Code C6020 High Temperature Message

Service Manual Troubleshooting Tips for the Error Code C6020
1. Shorted fuser thermistor M.
Measure the resistance. If it is 0 W, replace the fuser thermistor M.
2. Defective engine PWB.
Replace the engine PWB.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

1. Due to the fact it is an overheat issue. Turn the machine off and let it cool down for about 30 minutes.

2. Do not run the machine in temperatures that exceed 85 to 90 decrees. In the middle of hot Indiana summers I do get calls out to factories where machines do overheat because they cannot cool themselves down once they get heated up.

3. Make sure the cooling fans are working and that you don’t have anything leaning against the sides of the machine that can block the cooling vents.

4. Verify that your print settings are set correctly. For example, if you tell the machine you are printing on heavy cardstock and you are actually printing on plain paper the fuser can overheat.

5. Clean the thermistor. Dirty thermistors can lead to incorrect temperature readings.

6. Replace the fusing assembly.

Note : Below is a diagram of the fusing assembly so you have a better idea of what is being talked about and where you can find it.

Kyocera FS3900DN - FS4000DN fuser diagram


Click on the link below for the illustrated instructions for the fuser removal and replacement

—  Kyocera FS2000, FS3900, FS4000 Fuser Replacement  —

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