Oct 142012

Tips and Advice on repairing the 11.01 Internal Clock Error with the HP P3015 Printer

The 11.01 internal clock error on these printers is a dead clock battery. In this article I’d like to talk a little bit about the error and give a few tips on possible solutions to your problem without having to replace the formatter PCA. Now after reading this article and you do decide to replace the formatter make sure you order the right one. One model has the network option and the other does not.

HP P3015 11.01 Internal Clock Error photo

CE474-69001 – Base model without network
 CE475-69001 – With Network

Alright, the first thing you should understand that in most cases these errors don’t result in the machine not working. Usually after a few minutes or by pressing the check button the machine will return to a ready state and work properly. This error only should happen when you turn the machine on. So if you read the following information and troubleshooting  doesn’t resolve your issue you have to decide if you can live with error every time the machine is turned on or do you really need to replace the formatter board.

First, the machine should give you the option to configure the internal clock. Configure it if needed and let the machine sit for 15 to 20 minutes then turn off for a few minutes and start it back up to see if the message comes back. If it does come back then a NVRAM  reset is the next step. Before doing so print off a configuration page because most the information will have to be reenter after the reset is done. Before the reset by following the instructions below. If that still fails then you have to decide whether to live with the problem or replace the formatter assembly.

HP P3015  NVRAM  initialization instructions per the Service  Manual
1. Turn the product off.
2. Remove any installed accessories.
3. Turn the product on. When the memory count begins, press and hold the down arrow button until  all three product control-panel lights flash once and then remain on. This might take up to 10 seconds.
4. Press the up arrow button.
5. Press the Menu button . The message SKIP DISK LOAD displays on the control panel.
6. Press the up arrow button until NVRAM INIT is highlighted.
7. press OK. The product initializes  NVRAM and then continues its power-on sequence.