Feb 262012

Replace Fuser Message and Reset in the Brother DCP 9045CDN MFC 9840CDW

At 80,000 copies and prints the Brother DCP 9045CDN and MFC 9840CDW the fuser hits the end of it’s expected life and the replace fuser message is displayed. I know everybody just wants the information on how to reset the life counter. I’ll get to that later. In this article, I’d like to share what I’ve seen in the past with these machines and how to remove and check the parts when the replace fuser message appears on the display.
Brother DCP-9040CN, DCP-9045CDN, MFC-9450CDN MFC-9840CDW OEM Fuser

Some of the reset life counters are more important than other. I consider the replace fuser message one of the most important life counters. I just replaced a fuser in a 8460 for the second time and never had to replace the laser unit. Drums in these machines typically last 5 to 10 thousand more pages than recommended. I’ve replaced fusers before their time, at the correct time, ans some a little later. I’d say that 95% of the time either the fuser is showing early signs of wear or very noticeable. So while on the laser message I just say reset and wait till it dies or sounds really bad. The drum I say order one in but wait till your print quality starts to decline. On the replace fuser message I always tell my customers its best to do it now. If you want to follow the instructions below and remove the fuser and check the upper hot roll and bottom pressure roller. The hot roller is light tan and the pressure roller is below and usually orange or black. Check the hot roller for wear marks around where the separation claws ride against it. If you see metal showing through it needs to be replaced. If the pressure roller is not smooth and is rippled it’s worn and could cause paper jam and print quality issues.

Fuser Unit & Toner Filter Removal for the Brother DCP 9045CDN and MFC 9840 CDW with the Replace Fuser Message

Removal Procedure
1. Open the Back Cover
2. Remove the two screws, and then pull out the Fuser unit to the back of the machine.
3. Remove the toner filter assembly from the paper eject assembly
Assembly Procedure
1. Insert the new toner filter assembly back into the paper eject assembly
2. Put the Fuser unit into the machine and fix it with the two screws.
Note: When assembling the fuser unit, make sure theat the two harnesses are place in the groove and under the rib of the plastice frame.
3. Close the Back Cover
4. After replacing the Fuser unit, reset the counter.

How to Reset the replace fuser message on the Brother DCP 9045CDN MFC 9840CDW

I know most people just really want to know what the replace fuser message means and how to replace it. So here we go. With the machine at a ready state just press the 3 and 9 button together at the same time. This will bring up the Reset Menu if done right. Scroll down to Fuser. Press OK. You will then be prompted 1. Reset 2. Exit. Press 1 for reset if you are ready to reset it. Also, if for some reason you have to replace the fuser or any part listed in the reset menu you should always reset the counter even if it hasn’t hit its life cycle yet. Otherwise, someone could be replacing the part you put in a few months ago because the end of life message comes up.
Brother DCP-9040CN, DCP-9045CDN, MFC-9450CDN MFC-9840CDW OEM Fuser,

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