Jan 152012

HP Laserjet Printers paper jam Problems – Pick Up Rollers

By far the most common parts that get replaced for paper jam  issues is the paper pick up rollers. If there is one thing that I always make sure I keep in my car stock and available at all times its pick up rollers for the variety of machines I work on. Machines like the HP laserjet  P3015, P3005, 2400, 1320, and P2015  pick up feed rollers show signs of heavy usage between 25,000 and 50,000 prints. On models like the HP laserjet  4000, 4100, 5si, 8000, and 8100 series  the rollers tend to last longer like 75,000 to 150,000 prints. While newer models like the P4015, 4200, 4250, and 4300 series machines they tend to last 200,000  prints or more. Yes cleaning the pick up rollers or rotating the rubber on models that have “D” shaped rollers  can extend the life of the parts but to avoid further issues and to prevent possible call backs if you have the feed rollers handy at the time of repair it’s best to just replace them to avoid unwanted paper jam issues.

Troubleshooting Paper Jam issues Related to Pick up Rollers

HP laserjet paper jam pickup rollersPaper jam issues resulting from worn pick up roller problems typically show a few easy signs of the existing problem. First one is just the paper not getting out of the paper tray. You tell the printer to print and after a few attempts you receive a paper jam message and the paper hasn’t even gotten out of the paper tray or has just fed up into the machine just a little bit. Second is the intermittent jam. You print a 20 page document and every 3 or 4 pages or more  the paper jam message appears and you just open and close the top cover and the  printer continues to print. The third is jams inside the machine. While it’s nice when you open and shut the front door the machine starts to print again. Some printers because of the design and depending on when the machine reads the paper jam fault you might get stuck removing paper in the back of the printer before it will print again. Similar to the second fault but you have to remove the jam manually and then it prints several pages and then the machine reports another jam error.

Checking the Paper Feed Tires For Paper Jam Errors

When paper feed tires are new they have tread on them similar to car tires. Over time the tread  wears away and the tires become slick resulting in poor paper pick up and paper jam issues. On machines like the HP laserjet  4000, 4100, P4015, 4200, and 4250 series printers you can remove the 500 sheet tray like your loading more paper and see one of the feed tires in front of the tray. If it doesn’t have any tread or looks like it’s getting worn than the best thing to do is replace it. If you wanted to test it you could always clean it with a damp cloth to remove some dirt and try again. While cleaning it off isn’t a permanent fix it might get the machine printing again for a time and help you in troubleshooting what is causing the paper jam error. If the machine starts working again then we know it was most likely the pick up roller causing the problem and replacements should be ordered.

Conclusion about Paper Jam Problems in HP laserjet Printers

Alright, I gave you a few tips on resolving paper jam issues. Probably in later articles I will get more specific in individual machines on how to further trouble shoot feed problems and how to replace the pick up feed rollers when needed. In this article I just wanted share a little advice and let you know  where you can find and purchase feed tires for your machine if needed. Below is a link to a list of feed tires for several machines. While some of them are easy to replace others take a little time and technical skill. Personally, I always recommend having the machine professionally  cleaned when replacing feed tires because they are usually due for a cleaning at this time but I know how majority of people think so do what you will. Like I always say, service companies love to mark up parts. So even if you decide to have a professional clean your machine it might be smart to purchase the feed tires here and have them install them when cleaning the machine. Most service companies charge $10 or more each  for HP 4000 and 4200 feed tires so it’s easy to see why buying online might be a better choice.

Click here to find the pick up feed tires for your HP laserjet printer :HP Pick up / Feed Rollers

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