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Replace Fuser Message and Reset o Brother MFC 8480DN, 8890DW

I’ve seen in my statics page a lot of people looking for the replace fuser message instructions for the Brother MFC 8480DN, 8890DW and DCP 8085 and how to reset it, Brother LU7939001 Fuser Assembly 8080DN 8480DN 8890DW . I decided to write this article to help end users and technicians understand what the replace fuser message means and how to handle the reset and replacement procedure for the fuser in these models.

replace fuser messageThe replace fuser message comes up when the machine has reached 100,000 copies or prints. The good thing is the machine doesn’t actually stop working but the message can get annoying like the change drum soon message when you go up to use the machine and your constantly confronted with the replace fuser message. Most people want the quick fix and just want to reset the replace fuser message. Unfortunately, that is not how to properly handle the message. Once the replace fuser message is displayed on the control panel the fusing assembly needs to be replaced. Every Brother machine I’ve serviced for this error the fusing unit was worn out or already having print quality issues as a result of the fusing unit rollers breaking down. So I strongly recommend not ignoring the message and ordering in a fuser unit for replacement.

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Fuser Removal for the Brother MFC 8480, 8890 and DCP 8085

Alright after fighting with PDF images I finally was able to put some illustrations in this. Im not putting all them in but it should be enough to get you started and walk you through it. Click on the pictures for blown up views.

Back Cover
1. Open Back Cover.
2. Remove the arm of the back cover from the pin.
3. Remove the pins of the outer chute assembly from the back cover.
4. Remove the back cover.

Rear Chute Assembly
1. Hold the knobs on the rear chute assembly and pull down this to your side.
2. Remove the arms of the rear chute assembly from the pins.
3. Remove the rear chute assembly.

Fuser Unit
1. On the left side is 1 screw on the top left corner. Remove the screw and remove the black plastic cover. Should just pull out and right.
2. Disconnect the connector of the heater terminal while pressing the hook of the connector of the fuser.
3. Pull the right fuser unit harness cover (black plastic piece keeping the thermistor cables secure on the right side of the machine) left while pressing the hook and pull out the fuser unit harness cover towards the back.
4. Disconnect the connectors of the Thermistor assembly M and Thermistor assembly S from the Relay rear PCB assembly, and remove the harnesses of these thermistors.
5. Remove the 1 screw and then remove the Fuser Unit, Brother LU7939001 Fuser Assembly 8080DN 8480DN 8890DW

Reassemble Instructions
Assembling Note: To prevent the deformation of the pressure roller, the fusing unit spare part is shipped with its pressure roller at low nip pressure. Before installing the fusing unit, turn back the levers to the normal position.
1. Put the fuser unit on a flat, horizontal surface. Pull up each of the black tabs on the right side and left side.
2. Make sure that the black lever is in the position.

Reset Procedure for the replace fuser message in the Brother MFC 8480, 8890 and DCP 8085

Here is the part probably everybody is waiting for because who cares about actually changing out the fusing unit. Like I said above in this article, the replace fuser message is displayed when the page count has reached 100,000 prints. Most people figuire out a way to clear the replace fuser message to be confronted with two more messages. Replace Laser Unit and Replace PF Kit. Again, Brother recommends replacing the laser unit and the cassette feed tires after 100,000 copies. I agree with the PF kit but disagree with the laser unit. Laser units tend to last well past 100,00 prints. Usually when the laser unit starts to wear it will get noisy. Kinda sounds like a motor or a fan going out or the machine will get louder when the machine starts to print. Anyway to reset the replace fuser message and others you just need to press the 3 and 9 buttons at the same time. After you press the buttons together the display will show the life counters. Now you just need to scroll down to the part you want to reset and follow the instructions.

Conclusion about the Replace Fuser Message

I put the fuser replacement procedure in this article for two reasons. One to show you how to do it and the other to  make it easier for techs and end users to make the right decision and replace the fusing assembly when the replace fuser message is displayed. Hopefully the instructions above and my advice has helped you work through the replace fuser message on the Brother MFC 8480, 8890, and DCP 8085 multifunction machines and has allowed you to reset the replace fuser message and get your machine working properly again.
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  13 Responses to “Brother MFC 8480DN, 8890DW Replace Fuser Message and Reset”

  1. Funny as I just get this message on the 8890DW, 100 000 print. I also have the Laser unit message, did you had that message also?

    By the way thanks for this post :)

  2. Unusre of what your asking but yes the laser and fuser messages go hand and hand at 100,000 copies. While replacing the fuser should be done. I typically don’t replace the laser unit until it starts showing signs of wear.

  3. Okay! So I’ll only replace the fuser. If The Laser unit message comes again, you can reset it?

    Thanks again :)

  4. Yes if you havent already reset the Laser message it resets the same as the fuser. Just press 3 and 9 together and scroll down to the laser unit and reset the life. It shouldn’t come up again for another 100,000.

  5. Muy buena la info, me sirvio para resolver el problema en mi dcp 8085, muchas gracias !

  6. This was awesome. Thank you for posting this. It only took me less time than I expected to switch out the unit.

  7. I ordered a fuser and followed your directions, but I am now getting a Error 6A message. I went through the steps you outlined to fix that, but still nothing. I wondered if I got a bad fuser, so I put my old one back in and still get the same message. Any ideas? Could I have done something to the thermistor on the printer since it doesn’t seem to be the fuser? Thanks for your post!

  8. First thing, the thermistor is inside the fusing assembly. The small board on the left side that you plug the two connectors in is the thermistor relay board. Make sure you are getting the connectors properly seated and in the right spot. Second, if you get the 6a error then you will need to reset the machine through Maintenance mode. Even if you take the new one out and put the old one back in. You will need to reset the code for the machine to work again. Third, when you reset the code through the maintenance procedure and press the 9,9 buttons the machine should reset and start the normal warm up procedure. If the code did not reset the machine will come on and go straight to the error code. If you want further assistance give me a call on Monday at the phone number listed at the top of the sites home page. Thanks Kevin

  9. Kevin, thank you for the information. I went though the reset process in the maintenance menu, but that did nothing. I looked into it some more and one of the two connectors on the thermistor relay board feels loose. The white one feels solid and firm but the red seat on the connector is wiggly. Do you think that could be my problem? I don’t know what the red one is for, but I wonder if I might have loosened its connection to the relay board when I disconnected the fuser the first time.

  10. i replaced the fuser at 127000 copies because i was getting accordion folds in the paper, now 10 months later (79,000 copies later) i have accordion folds again. is this a sign of needing yet another fuser or laser assembly? what are the signs of wear for a laser assembly

  11. Yeah, that sounds about right. They are rated at 100,000 prints. Most times they make it that far, some times they don’t. If you’ve had the fuser out before then I would check the lower pressure roller. If it has a lot of wrinkles in it that could be the problem. The laser scanner writes the image to the drum. If that goes out or has issues they can get noisy like a worn out CPU fan, faded print on one side, or 71 and 72 errors. It wouldn’t cause folded paper.

  12. I assume the laser unit is different than the fuser unit. Would you have similar instructions on replacing the laser unit?

  13. You would be right. I haven’t put those instructions on this site yet as it is pretty involved. Most times when you get the replace fuser message you get the laser message. I always just replace the fuser and reset the laser unit as the laser unit last well beyond 100,000 prints. I have a few in the field with over 300,000 prints and I’ve only replace the feed tires and fuser.

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