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59.30 Fuser Error Message – HP Color Laserjet 4700, 4730, CP4005

I recently came across a HP 4700 with a 59.30 fuser error on the display so I thought I would take the time to write about it. The HP color laserjet 4700 and 4730 MFP machines are some of the strongest build color laserjet machines out there. They are capable of extreme high volume printing, have several nice features, and require little maintenance. Majority of the problems I’ve seen with these machine are toner or feed roller issues. However, as the HP color laserjet 4700, 4730 MFP and CP4005 age I’m seeing more 59.30 fuser errors.

Troubleshooting the HP Color Laserjet 4700, 47300, CP4005 59.30 fuser error Message

The 59.30 fuser error message on a HP color laserjet 4700, 4730, and CP4005 is a fuser related issue. Before you replace the fuser you should try a few things. First, remove the fuser and check it out. The large gear on the right side drives the fuser and pressure roller. The gear should manually move pretty easy. Obviously there should be some force but by using your thumb you should be able to move it with little pressure. The gear in the back is for the pressure release mechanism, it should be hard to move and  is cammed so if you move it, it probably will slam the cam down so watch for pinched fingers if you decide to try that.

Second is the fuser motor test.

1. Press Menu to enter the MENUS.

2. Press to highlight DIAGNOSTICS.

3. Press to select DIAGNOSTICS.

4. Press to highlight COMPONENT TEST.

5. Press to select COMPONENT TEST.

6. Select the component test options when prompted by the printer.

Menus cannot be opened during component tests, so serves the same function as the Stop button.

● Fuser motor. Use this test to rotate the fuser motor and drive gears.

● Fuser pressure release motor. Use this test to rotate the fuser pressure release motor.

You can remove the covers and run the component test. You just need to make sure you defeated the cover interlock switch.

Ok now that we troubleshooted the HP color laserjet 4700, 4730 MFP, and CP4005 59.30 fuser error message it’s time to replace some parts if needed. If the fuser seemed fine and the main gear seemed to turn with little resistance then I would replace the fuser motor. If you have any suspicions about the fuser then I would replace the fuser. The nice thing about the fuser is that it’s considered a consumable. So maybe you or your customer has one in stock. If not then ordering one in for testing shouldn’t be an issue because at one time or another it will need to be replaced. The one I worked on recently, the customer had replaced the fuser already and the machine had worked for a few more days then started acting up again. The fuser and main motor turned with little resistance but failed the fuser motor test.

Fuser Motor Removal on the HP Color Laserjet 4700

1. Remove the face down delivery assembly by pulling up the two tabs in back of the machine and push them in while pulling up on the assembly.

2. Remove the five black screws on top of the machine. Release the hinge for the top cover using a flat blade screwdriver, Using a flat blade screwdriver release the two tabs on the right and left side and the three tabs in the rear of the machine.

3. Unscrew the two black screws on the bottom of the control panel. Release the front part of the right side cover and pull the control panel slightly to the right so you can get to the screw behind it for the front of the fuser motor assembly.

4. Remove the two connectors for the motors. Remove two screws securing to the top frame and the one behind the control panel. Remove the E clip on the top delivery roller and pull the bushing off.

5. Lift the fuser motor up and out of the machine.
HP CLJ 4700/4730/CP4005 Fuser Roller Drive Assembly RM1-1729-RO

Conclusion About The 59.30 Fuser Error on Your HP Color Laserjet 4700, 4730, CP4005

Not a bad job. If you follow the service manual instructions a lot more of the machine has to be disassembled so if you have to do this I would use the service manual with my instructions above to save you a little time in disassembly. The machine I just replaced the fuser motor for the 59.30 fuser error message had over 900,000 prints on it so that might have been a contributing facture to my problem. Alright hope my instructions have helped in solving your HP Color Laserjet 4700, 4730, and CP4005 59.30 Fuser Error Message.

HP CLJ 4700/4730/CP4005 Fuser Roller Drive Assembly RM1-1729-RO

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