Oct 062011

Brother MFC 8860, 8460, 8660, DCP 8065, 8060 Replace Fuser Message

Brother Fuser LU0214001K for MFC-8060 8065 8460 8660 8860 photo

New to the Brother line of printers, copier, and MFC’s is the replace fuser  message. Brother machines sales are picking up and the machines are getting used quite a bit more than what they use to. Brother like HP has decided with this increase usage they needed to start putting counters on heavily used parts in the machine to avoid unwanted downtime when parts would wear out  and break without warning. The fusing unit, by far the heaviest used part in the machine, is rated at 100,000 copies. Trust me when I say that when you get this warning message the part needs to be replaced. I’ve done lots of these fuser  kits and on 95% of the ones I performed the fuser  was on its last leg or already showing minor signs of soon to be issues. Also at 100,000 copies or prints the PF kit 1  and laser message comes up. Typically after you replace the fuser and reset the counter you see the PF kit warning then once you clear that you get the laser warning. I usually replace the fusing unit and PF kit and just reset the laser message. Most laser units at least last to 200,000 or more without any problems.
Brother Fuser LU0214001K for MFC-8060 8065 8460 8660 8860

Brother Fuser LU0214001K for MFC-8060 8065 8460 8660 8860 HL-5240 5250

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